E-commerce is an ever-growing industry. Many people are spending a lot of money shopping online every day. However, would it not be helpful if you can get some of that money back? There are a few apps that pay you money when you shop for specific products. 

The only catch is that you have to spend before they can give you any money.  For example, some set a minimum spending threshold of $100. Once you reach this target, you get a $10 bonus. If you are a regular shopper, this benefit can save you a lot of money.

If you want to save some of the money you spend on shopping; these applications are an excellent place to start. 

1. Rakuten Ebates ($10 Bonus)

Rakuten Ebates is a leading cashback app globally. The parent company Rakuten began in 1998 by two Assistant District Attorneys. The pair were prosecuting identity theft and online fraud. Due to their legal background, you can trust their company is safe and legitimate. 

Under their stewardship, Ebates continues to grow into one of the largest apps that reward online buyers. Currently, the application has affiliate links with more than 2,500 digital stores.

To Earn With Ebates, You Should Follow These Steps:

  1. Go to your Ebates app or the official website
  2. Click against the link for a shop
  3. Proceed with your shopping

Ebates tracks your purchases and returns a percentage of your spending. The cashback program normally takes 48 hours to credit the money, but it may take up to 30 days for products with a return policy. 

You will receive the cash from Rakuten Ebates in three ways. You can get it via cheque, PayPal, or have it sent to a charity where you are a donor. You get the $10 signup bonus once you spend your first $25 through the app.

2. TopCashBack

TopCashBack pays one of the best cashback rates you will find among cashback providers. An analysis done about four months shows that TopCashBack is among the most rewarding of the leading 20 platforms that the study sampled. 

The app is free and pays up to 105% of the affiliate proceeds it gets from shops. The extra money comes from the bonuses it gets from the many sales it generates. The provider has no minimum requirements for payments. They also permit you to cash out as frequently as you want.  

TopCashBack does not charge an annual administration fee. However, new members get a 30-day free trial of its ‘Plus’ membership. Once you are happy with this plan, you will begin paying for it. 

You can downgrade to the free membership to avoid paying for its premium service. If you choose to continue with the Plus subscription, you will be paying a $5 membership fee. This plan provides paying subscribers a 5% bonus on cashback rates. 

For example, they get £105 for deals with a $100 cashback rate. TopCashBack pays through direct deposit (in the U.S. only), PayPal, and gift cards for platforms like Amazon, M&S, and Gap.

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another app that gives you plenty of rewards for going about your daily routine. The application offers many ways of making money. However, the only interest you have today is for the cashback it provides to shoppers. 

The software has a shopping section that has some of the best rewards you can find. Swagbucks functions in a similar way to the other cashback sites, you get rewards for shopping once you surpass a set limit. 

However, the only difference is that instead of receiving cash directly, this application gives you Swag Bucks. You can redeem these rewards for gift cards for sites like Amazon, donations, or PayPal transactions.

4. iBotta ($10 Bonus)

iBotta cashback app began in 2012, and it serves residents of the United States and Puerto Rico. It is rated highly and is among the most used apps that save you money while shopping. iBotta has paid more than $200 million over the years. 

You can rely on them to deliver on any payment you are eligible to receive.

To Earn With Ibotta, Follow These Steps:

  1. Send a receipt
  2. Link your account to a loyalty card
  3. Purchase within the app

Once you attain their threshold, iBotta will return part of your spending via PayPal, Venmo, and gift cards. However, you will need to go into their app and add some of the cashback offers to the account you create. 

You will do this by completing the fun tasks they have on the platform. You will start earning after you complete this process. 

5. BeFrugal ($10 Bonus)

When BeFrugal began in 2009, the company was focusing only on coupons that they were giving to clients to help them save their money on shopping. 

However, ten years later, the organization has ventured into cashback for customers that purchase from over 5,000 stores they feature on their platform. BeFrugal also offers deals and coupons to more than 50,000 stores. 

BeFrugal operates in a similar way to TopCashBack. They give you the full affiliate commission they earn by driving traffic to shops. The two applications operate this way. Additionally, they have the same returns for purchases. 

BeFrugal sends its cash via cheque or direct deposit (the U.S. only), Amazon gift card (1% cashback bonus), and PayPal.

6. Dosh

Scanning all the receipts that you get for specific items you buy is tedious. Additionally, manually searching for offers is tedious. Thankfully, Dosh circumvents these challenges. It offers a unique shopping experience. 

Once you create your Dosh account and fill all the relevant sections, you no longer have to stress over adding offers and scanning receipts for your account. The cash rolls in as soon as you complete your shopping. 

Dosh Has Three Ways You Use to Get Part of Your Shopping Cashback. They Are:

  1. Cashback Online – this method applies to e-commerce customers. Dosh provides a cashback program for eligible purchases from specific online stores. This plan is appealing if you consider the returns you will get for the digital shopping you do monthly.
  2. Cashback In-store – for this method, you earn your reward by purchasing from a participating store near you. You must link your card to the platform before you shop to be eligible for the program. 

Any card that you connect to Dosh gets a $1 bonus. Your transactions will go to the system directly. You do not have to scan any of your many receipts.

  1. Travel Cashback – if you collect a lot of bonus, you can use to pay for accommodation in specific hotels the next time you go on vacation. Once you are sure of your travels, look for hotels that provide cashback per night.

You may end up not paying any money for the hospitality services you will receive.

You may also get your money via direct deposit or PayPal. Alternatively, you can give them out to the charity of hour choice. You must have earned at least a $15 bonus to be eligible for these benefits. 

You may consider getting your friends into the program, and Dosh will reward you for your efforts. You get $5 once any of your referrals complete their first bonus offer.

7. Drop

Drop has more than 300,000 users who leverage its user-friendly interface to make some money from their routine online shopping. It provides points for every purchase using your debit card. The rate doubles if you buy with your credit card. 

You get a $5 cashback for five thousand points. This app can be the right choice for buyers that barely conduct their transactions using their credit cards. Instead, they would rather get the reward while using their debit card. Drop values your privacy. 

Most of Drop’s customers are millennials who often use debit cards. Their site has an elaborate security system that ensures your transactions and personal data are safe. To be eligible for the Drop cashback program, you need to link your card then choose five organizations.

You will earn your bonus if you buy specific products from Drop. You must be careful with your selections. They are the permanent brands that will generate income to your account. You will earn points for every dollar you spend with these entities. 

You can redeem your points for gift cards or cash once they reach the set threshold. The company has exceptional customer service and strives to make your interaction with the application smooth.

8. Receipt Hog

If you are a regular shopper, handling the many receipts you get is often a challenge. The good news though is that they can help you make some dollars. Receipt Hog offers many rewards for customers that scan their receipts and submit it to them. 

The company has been growing fast. They have given out more than $2.5 million to its many clients over the years. The organization operates in the U.S. and the U.K. only. However, the company is not hiding its intent to expand to other countries. 

You make money from Receipt Hog by offering them receipts, which they may use to obtain consumer information. The company can sell this data to research institutions. 

You Need to Follow These Steps to Earn from This Platform:

  1. Download the Receipt Hog application
  2. Add your name to the wait list and wait for your turn to scan receipts

Receipt Hog groups every scan into three categories. These groups are coin-receipts, spin-receipts, and sweeps-receipts. U.S. buyers get $5 for every 1,000 coins they get in Receipt Hog. 

You can cash out through Amazon gift cards, PayPal, and magazine subscriptions (in the U.S. only). The app also offers bonuses to clients that are active frequently. 

9. Shopkick

Shopkick has grown immensely since its humble beginnings in 2009. The company started with only five people who were working in a basement, yet today it is among the leading cashback apps. 

Shopkick currently employs hundreds of people that are always working to ensure the clients have a smooth shopping experience and they get rewards for it. They have partnerships with more than 250,000 stores. 

Shopkick has given out gift cards worth more than $85 million. The company partners with many renowned stores, such as Best Buy, Groupon, and Hallmark. Shopkick rewards its clients in two ways. 

First, it offers bonuses to people that go to the physical stores and carry out activities such as scanning barcodes of products that qualify for its program or purchase the commodities. 

Alternatively, Shopkick rewards online shoppers when they visit e-commerce sites, view, and buy select products. Shopkick rewards customers using their kicks. You can redeem these kicks for gift cards from participating stores. You can redeem 250 kicks for a gift card worth $1.

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10. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 provides excellent cashback rates for shoppers of household items and groceries. The platform gets new offers every Thursday at midnight. You can redeem its offers from any store.

This freedom allows you to enjoy its services from a store near you. You do not have to look for specific brands. Checkout 51 is simple to use as you only need to sign up to get started

Follow These Steps to Leverage it and Get Back Some of Your Shopping Money:

  1.  Download the app and create an account
  2. Check the available offers
  3. Head to the store and purchase
  4. Upload scans of your receipts before the offer expires (Wednesday at 11.59 P.M.)

You can redeem your bonuses at any store. Alternatively, you can cash out via your bank. You must have rewards worth at least $20 to enjoy this benefit. Some users have the option of withdrawing via PayPal. 

Final Thoughts

You spend a lot of money on your shopping. You may be purchasing essential items such as foodstuffs or other commodities. You are open to saving tips and tricks from wherever you can get them. 

These applications can help reduce your shopping expenditure. They give you cashback when you meet specific targets from eligible products and vendors. Saving your cash with these programs over time can result in you receiving a lot of money for the activities you do each day. 

These reimbursements can free up your scarce resources for other essential expenditures.


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