There is more to travel than knowledge of your destination and packing everything you need for the place. Your journey can prove to be very challenging if you have no means to arrange and prepare for various logistics. 

For example, you may be ready for the airline fares, but you may strain to move around your destination without the correct info. You may also want to know currency conversion rates, the language and more. 

There Are Apps That You Can Use to Make Your Trip Easier. They Include:

1. Best App For Organizing Your Trip: TripIt

TripIt will organize your travel itinerary and documents in one place. It will perform functions like provide travel confirmations, set reservations, you get to view your tickets, flight itineraries, AirBnB, and hotel booking, driving directions, ferry ticket, and rental car reservations. You can access all these without leaving the app. 

Tripit  screen shot, travelplanner apps

Furthermore, TripIt provides a free master doc for your trips, which you can access without the need for internet connectivity.  

You can share your travel plans with relevant parties like those who will pick you up at various stations or coordinate with you throughout your journey.  The app is available on Google Play and iTunes for free download for mobile and desktop. The pro version costs $49/year.    

2. Best App For Best Airline and Hotel Prices: Kayak 

Kayak helps you to find the best airline prices and deals. You can search for airlines based on your departure time and airline preferences as the filters let you change destinations and dates. 

Kayak App, best app for finding the best travel prices.

The app also enables you to book hotels from a catalog of over 1,000,000 hotels, which helps you find the best price. You can also book car rentals. 

The app will organize the travel plans you make through it and updates you on airport terminals, security wait periods, and flight status. You can get the app on Google Play or iTunes.

3. Best App For Renting a Room: AirBnB

Airbnb is an app that lets you book home rentals rather than hotels. The app has filters to let you choose a destination, accommodation dates, type of home you want accommodation, requisite amenities, price range, and more. 

Airbnb app, best app for vacation rentals

Some homes do not need a pre-approval, which helps when you are making last-minute arrangements. There is a ‘Trips’ tab that lets you effectively manage your trip. It grants you access to your bookings, directions, or address, your hosts’ contacts to or even change reservations. 

Airbnb also suggests local experiences such as concerts, hikes and more, which you can also book. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. 

4. Best Budgeting App: Trabee Pocket

Do you have a budget for your trip? Trabee Pocket will help you track your expenditure and receipts. You can also use it to calculate exchange rates. The app is available on iTunes and Google Play for free.  

Trabee Pocket, best app for managing expenses

5. Best App for Travel Booking: TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a platform will give you information of over 8 million destinations through more than 700 million reviews. You can refer to it before you book a hotel, go to the museum or make a dinner reservation.  

TripAdvisor app, best trip planner

The app can translate to 28 languages to help you access information in your preferred language. You can connect with your friends, and find more friends on TripAdvisor who will provide trip advise. 

There are also travel experts, travel videos, and articles you can rely on for travel information. Moreover, you can provide reviews yourself that will help your friends and the Tripadvisor community. The app is free to download on Google Play or iTunes. 

6. Best App For finding a Taxi: Uber

Uber is more convenient and cheaper than traditional cabs. You will simply get on the app, request a ride from one destination to another, get a driver in minutes, pay, and leave a review. In most cases, it will use your phone’s location to determine your location. Payments are convenient as they accept either cash or card payments.

Uber screenshot, Best taxi hailing app

You can also split your taxi bill with your friends to make the trips more cost-effective. Uber uses local drivers who know the routes and destinations. The app is available to download for free on Appstore and Google Play. 

7. Best Language Translation App: Google Translate

Google Translate will help you break down the language barriers. If you type, it will be able to translate up to 103 languages for you, and 60 of these language translations are accessible offline. 

google translate app

If you handwrite texts (draw characters or texts), the app can translate up to 93 languages. There is also the camera translate feature. Where you use your camera and snaps to translate instantly into 37 languages. 

Moreover, there is a speech translation option for 32 languages, which is instant and two-way. Speech translation helps you to have an almost fluid conversation with various natives. The app is easy to use as you can access all these features through icons at the top of your screen. 

Google translate is free and available in both Google Play and iTunes. 

8. Best App For Making Video Calls: Skype

Overseas or cross border call rates are generally expensive. You could pay between $1-$3 per minute. However, Skype will only charge a fraction of that. You will simply need an internet connection like your hotel’s or cafeteria’s wi-fi to make a call. 

skype app for making calls, record skype calls

Skypes lets you contact any number across the globe. Furthermore, skype to skype calls is free. The app is available for free download on either iTunes or Google Play.  

9. Best For Cheap Flights: Hopper

Do you have a flexible flight schedule? You can monitor a year’s flight price schedule on Hopper. The color code the calendar to determine prices. The colors include green to highlight the cheapest days, orange, coral, and lastly, red to highlight the most expensive days. 

A screenshot showing hopper, an app for  predicting flight and hotel prices, preparing for a long flight

You can also select a flight to monitor price changes. It also has a predictor feature to estimate if, when, and by how much a price will change. Furthermore, the app lets you exclude basic fares and will notify you if the prices are the same for a layover or nonstop flights. 

You can book flights, hotels and reserve accommodations on Hopper.  It is a free app on iTunes or Google Play. 

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10. Best For Up-to-Date Currency Conversion Rates: Xe Converter

Xe Converter provides live currency rates updated by the minute. You can download these rates to view them offline. It helps you to make the best money exchange decisions.  You can download the app for free on Google Play or iTunes. 

travelplanner apps, XE Currency app screenshot

All these apps work to make your trip an easy and memorable one.

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